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Train Sets
EMD F9 Diesel and Cars
No. 6101-3 Santa Fe
No. 6102-3 Burlington Northern
No. 6103-3 Chesapeake & Ohio
No. 6104-3 Union Pacific

Train Sets
Plymouth WDT and Cars
No. 6121-3 Santa Fe
No. 6122-3 Illinois Central 
No. 6123-3 Reading
No. 6124-3 Union Pacific
No. 6124-3 Midvale Steel

The Atlas O scale train sets of the 1970s are complete offerings that provided loco, cars, and caboose, plus an oval of track and 2 amp powerpack and wire. The F9 sets retailed for $60. The Plymouth WDT sets retailed for $45. Both came in cardboard boxes with beautifully illustrated full color lids.