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Alco Century 430

Alco Century 430

The four-axle ALCO Century 430 was a 3,000 horsepower diesel built between mid 1966 and early 1968. The C430 was powered by ALCO's 251E 16-cylinder prime mover.

New York Central was the primary buyer with 10 examples (2050-2059) delivered in December 1967, Seaboard Coast Line rostered three (1275-1277), Reading had two (5211-5212) delivered in July 1966, and Green Bay & Western Railroad owned one (315) delivered in early 1968. The SCL trio were ALCO's demonstrator C430s, built in March 1967. According to Robert Sarberenyi's info, Green Bay's single C430 had no dynamic brakes and Hi-Ad trucks. Hi-Ad trucks were also the shoes on NYC and SCL Century 430s. Reading's C430 pair rode on Type B trucks. Second hand, NYS&W operated Century 430s. Green Bay & Western's C430 resides at the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Alco Century 430

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Model Information

Alco Century 430

TYCO introduces the first HO-scale ALCO Century 430 in 1966, while the prototype is being built.


The next HO-scale Century 430 arrives in 1980 with Pemco's short-lived product line.

Alco Century

Not long after Pemco's Century 430, came Model Power's version of this diesel.

Alco Century 430

Announced November 9, 2012 at Milwaukee's TrainFest, Bowser plans an Executive Line ALCO Century 430 for HO-scale.