1982 Catalog

Certainly part of the enjoyment of model railroading is what's next around the bend. The early 1980s saw a new company enter the HO-scale market named GSB Rail Ltd.

At the time the contemporary standard of excellence would probably be bestowed upon the Roco-made Atlas HO-scale engines introduced in 1975. This was the first product line to include correct scale width hoods, plastic single piece handrails; highly detailed plastic truck sideframes; and more innovations that raised the bar for the industry. Athearn was also on the verge of moving up into a higher level of quality with its new releases of the 1980s.

GSB arrived with a long promised EMD SD40-2 model that offered a number of unique features in 1983. GSB would also offer Detail Kits, including Cab Interiors; plus a 4 Wheel Streamlined Passenger Car Truck.

Those who have not seen GSB's 1982 product catalog will be surprised and entertained by the coming attractions that never made it down the pike to your local hobby shop. Among these never made future releases were a GSB Alco RS-1; MP15AC/DC; 10-Pack Fuel Foiler; SD40T-2; GP40-2; and E33 and E44 Electrics!

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