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TYCO introduces its Tru-Steel HO-scale track in the 1978 catalog.  Prior to the Tru-Steel form of track, TYCO offered brass track in its model train line.  The catalog proclaims Tru-Steel is "virtually maintenance free" as the steel used in the track does not oxidize, which was the case with brass track.  TYCO also notes that the Tru-Steel track gives a more realistic appearance with its silver color over that of brass track.

Tru-Steel Track
90-Degree Track Crossing
No. 415

Tru-Steel 9" Straight Track (pkg 4)
No. 417

Tru-Steel Track
Remote Control Left Hand Switch
No. 410
Remote Control Right Hand Switch
No. 411
Manual Left Hand Switch
No. 412
Manual Right Hand Switch
No. 413
18"-radius Curve Track (pkg 4)
No. 418
Rerailer -9"-straight
No. 419
Remote Control Uncoupler
No. 423
Terminal Track w/Rerailer -18"-radius
No. 439
Terminal Track -9"-straight
No. 440
Lighted Bumper Track
No. 454
Bumper Track
No. 455
Curve Remote Control Left Hand Switch
No. 462
Curve Remote Control Right Hand Switch
No. 463
2-Way Remote Control Switch
No. 464
Assorted Small Pieces of Track (8 pcs.)
No. 470
9" Straight Track (800 pcs. Dealer Assortment)
No. 490
18"-radius Curve Track (600 pcs. Dealer Assortment)
No. 491
3' Flexible Track
No. 492

TYCO Uncoupling Ramp No.921

Portable Uncoupling Ramp
No. 921

TYCO Blocking Controller

Blocking Controller

TYCO Liquid Smoke

Liquid Smoke Fluid
No. 713

TYCO Trucks with Couplers No.999

HO Freight Trucks With Couplers
No. 999

HO Couplers
No. 711

TYCO Brass Track
Bumper Track
No. 914
90-degree Track Crossing
No. 915
Curve Track (4) 15" Radius
No. 916
Straight Track (4) 9"
No. 917
Curve Track (4) 18" Radius
No. 918
Rerailer 9"
No. 919
Curve Track (4) 22" Radius
No. 920
Portable Uncoupling Ramp
No. 921
Terminal Track with Rerailer 18" Radius
No. 939
Lighted Bumper Track
No. 954
3' Flexible Track
No. 15628