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Petticoat Junction Train Sets

Inspired by the CBS-TV series "Petticoat Junction" was TYCO's four C&FW lettered train sets of 1966 and 1967.  Name changes between the two years of cataloged availability make two sets into four.  Descriptions of the set contents are provided below.  Though the series made runs on CBS until April 1970, TYCO dropped its Petticoat Junction sets after the '67 catalog.
According to TYCO catalogs, no separate availability was offered on the C&FW Ten-Wheeler 4-6-0 and its passenger cars.

The Hooterville Cannonball
One of two TYCO "Petticoat Junction" train sets offered beginning in 1966 was The Hooterville Cannonball.  Just as on the television series, the power up front was #3 of the C&FW Railroad played in HO-scale by TYCO's Ten-Wheeler 4-6-0 Steam Loco and Tender with interchangeable coal load.  The set also included one 1890-series Combine and pair of 1890-series Coaches.  Track included built a 45" x 36" oval and this set sold for $29.98.

The Petticoat Junctioner
Contents for this set is the same as The Hooterville Cannonball, but this one came with a TYCO-Pak and retailed for $34.98.

The Petticoat Junction
(No.T6709 and No.T6725)
The 1967 TYCO Catalog lists the same Hooterville Cannonball and Petticoat Junctioner sets from 1966, but they have a new shared name.  The Petticoat Junction is the name for both sets in '67 with the TYCO-Pak equipped example that matched 1966's Petticoat Junctioner carrying the stock number T6725.  The set without a power pack that matched The Hooterville Cannonball of 1966 was TYCO's T6709 in 1967.

Above is a trade publication announcement for TYCO's Petticoat Junction train set.  Below is a TYCO dealer poster (11" x 20") used to promote the set.